2017 USITT New England Allied Design & Technology Meritorious Award

USITT New England is proud to announce the 2017 Allied Design & Technology Meritorious Awards! These awards are presented to young up-and-coming designers, vetted through the KCACTF Region 1 Festival. Winners receive a free pass to the USITT National Conference & Stage Expo, as well as a travel stipend.

Congratulations to this year's winners!

Quentin Bell
Umass Boston

Romeo and Juliet
Costume Design

My name is Quentin Bell and the school I attend is Umass Boston. I worked on a costume design project as the costume designer for the show Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare. My primary focus in theatre would have to be costume design and costume construction. I have always enjoyed theatre since my childhood but I never enjoyed the acting so much as what the actors actually wore. Costumes and characters have always interested me and this interest has led to a natural progression into what I am interested in pursuing currently. I came to Umass Boston a year and a half ago and have had the privilege of working on three of their shows. I started out on wardrobe, moved to stitching for a semester and then I was given the opportunity to assist the costume designer on BatBoy after taking his design class. Currently, my interests in theatre are centered around costuming, but theatre has many working parts that I’m sure might interest me as I spend more time working in this field.


Darren Cornell
Emmanuel College

 A Day in Hollywood/ A Night in the Ukraine.
Scenic Design

Darren Cornell is a recent graduate of Emmanuel College and works as an actor and scenic designer in the Boston area.  He graduated with a double major in Chemistry and Theater Arts and is actively working in both fields.  Recent design credits include A Day in Hollywood/ A Night in the Ukraine, The Laramie Project, Night of the Living Dead, and Dancing at Lughnasa.  Currently, he works as a lab manager in Boston and is pursuing opportunities in scenic design and acting through several different groups in the area.


Cat Foley
Eastern Connecticut State University 

Pedro the Great Pretender
Lighting Design

Cat Foley, of Avon, CT, is a recent graduate from Eastern Connecticut State University with a Bachelor of the Arts degree in Theatre with a concentration in Technology and Design. At Eastern, she has been the lighting designer for Pedro the Great Pretender (Proscenium Thrust Theatre, 2016) and Power Plays: Out of Our Father’s House (DelMonte Studio Theatre, 2016). She has also been the master electrician for Eastern’s Doubt: A Parable and Simon Stephens’ Pornography(Harry Hope Theatre, 2015). The summer of 2015, she worked as an intern at the Barnstormers Theatre in Tamworth, New Hampshire; the summer of 2014 she worked as an intern at TheaterWorks in Hartford, CT. 


Carly Queeno
Bridgewater State University

A Study in Scales
Makeup design

Carly Queeno is an undergraduate Fine Arts major with a focus in sculpture at Bridgewater State University. She has held an interest in the theatrical arts since her elementary education, moving from performing on stage to focusing behind the scenes upon entering college. Her initial work was in costume craft, though she branched out her sophomore year after focusing more on her passion for makeup. Through stage makeup classes, makeup design for musicals, such as the Spring 2016 performance of An Awfully Big Adventure, and under the guidance of her mentor, Miranda GiurleoCarly has progressed within her craft. Carly will graduate Spring 2017; she plans to continue developing her skills by furthering her education in order to pursue a career as a professional FX makeup artist.