Eastern Connecticut State University is advertising two part-time positions that start in the early fall of 2017.

One is for an adjunct professor position to teach Set Construction and one other class.  Relevant experience and an MFA or other relevant terminal degree required.  It works out to about $4500 per class per semester.

The other position would ideally be of interest to the same individual, this is for a 19 hours a week university assistant to assist in the scene shop and our state of the art venues in the mounting of department theatre productions.  This is a hands-on position requiring stage carpentry, welding, and counterweight rigging skills.  Knowledge of scene painting, scene shop management, scenic automation, light and sound production are highly desired.  An MFA is not required for this position, but as I say both positions would ideally be held by the same individual.  This second gig pays just under $24 per hour for 19 hours a week in a 15 week semester.

Links for more information about either of the two jobs can be found at